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I have to admit that I enjoyed reading through Create your own blog by Tris Hussey. The subtitle, 6 easy projects to start blogging like a pro, did not attract me initially but the book is well written, covers a lot of ground and is quite helpful. The first three chapters cover the basics and then there are sections on personal blogs, business blogs, blogs for artists, etc. If you’re 18 years old and a digital native, you don’t need this book and neither do you if you’ve already been blogging for several years. However, there is still a good segment of the population who may be interested in this book.

Create your own blog is quite different from Social Media for Dummies which I reviewed a while back. The introduction says it all, “It’s all about storytelling”. This book is well-researched, based on experience (it seems that Tris started blogging about the same time I began this blog) and includes lots of anecdotes – more learning through storytelling.

There are also details on podcast blogs, video blogs and fairly up to date information on Twitter and Facebook. It’s the kind of book you give your boss, your colleague thinking about blogging, or someone who is looking at a second career as a free-agent. I have several clients for whom this book would be perfect and the list price is very reasonable. On top of that, Tris lives in Canada!

Would I recommend this book to someone starting out blogging? If you’re over 30, definitely yes, because you probably won’t dig through all the online forums to find out what you really need.

You can check out the book’s website for more information

From the Summary:

One of the hallmarks of blogging has been its culture of transparency and openness, which means that it is expected that you will disclose affiliate links and other similar things (like when I receive a free product for review that I get to keep). Not disclosing this information can get you in hot water. It’s happened to even prominent bloggers (who should know better), so don’t feel alone, but it’s best to just avoid the whole issue and let people know.

[Disclosure: The publisher, Pearson Canada,  sent me a complimentary copy of this book and I am an affiliate. If you click through the book link and order a book, I will receive a small commission. Over the past few years I have only used these commissions to purchase more books and write reviews on them. I have given most of these books away – to clients, friends and conference attendees.]

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  1. Tris Hussey

    Thank you Harold! I’m glad you liked the book. You hit the intended audience bang on. If we meet in person, I’ll be happy to sign your copy … unless you’ve given it away to someone who wanted to learn about blogging, which I think would be an awesome thing to do!


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