Social media & workplace performance matrix

c4lpt_corporateJane Hart has an excellent resource on Case Studies for Social Media & Learning in the Workplace that she keeps up to date. I’ve looked at it many times and thought that it might be easier to see the big picture as a matrix, which I’ve created as a Google Document.

Feel free to use and improve this spreadsheet. If you do re-post it, please let me know so I can add the link here. Much of the information comes from third-party reports so I cannot attest to its accuracy. Let me know of any errors or omissions and I will address them.

If you would like to edit the Google Doc, or get it as a spreadsheet, please contact me.

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  1. Stacey Helstrom

    This is a terrific resource for helping to put this conversation into tangible terms for business leaders. I will definitely be using it – thank you! Two questions:
    1. Is the ROI for British Telecom’s efforts really “increased” time to competence? One would hope that time to competence is actually reduced using social media, I think.
    2. Does anyone have any commentary to share in response to the question, “How do we drive people to these resources so that we maximize their value?”

    I would also recommend looking at Deloitte Consulting – their D-Street is an internal facebook of sorts and has had some good (and less than expected) results.


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