Variations on a theme of PKM

If you don’t make sense of the world for yourself, then you’re stuck with someone else’s world view. Personal knowledge management is not so much about creating knowledge but rather the development of conscious regular activities from which can emerge new knowledge. The knowledge artifacts created along the way are only as good as the use to which they are put. My idea of Seeking > Sense-making > Sharing is similar to many other descriptive processes about learning and working.

I’ve mentioned on this blog:

Fluctuating Support Networks: Finding & Likening > Igniting Passions > Mutual Engagement

The Evolving Social Organization: Listen > Create/Converse > Co-create/Formalize

Critical Thinking: Observe/Study > Tentative Opinions > Participate/Evaluate/Challenge

These are all different ways of looking at learning to learn and learning to work; as individuals, with groups and in networks.

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