Media, Messages & Mobility

Anthropologist Michael Wesch, noted for his studies of YouTube and video sharing states, “when media change, then human relationships change”.

Today, at the DevLearn2010 social media camp, I will be conducting a discussion with my Internet Time Alliance colleagues on mobile learning, but I would like to focus on how the mobile medium changes our relationships with sharing knowledge, connecting with others and getting things done.

For example, what does mobile technology do to how we seek knowledge, make sense of it and share with others?

Video [created and shared via mobile devices] is becoming an important medium of personal communication, evidenced by John Seely Brown’s example of a surfing community of practice as well as Chris Anderson’s examination of how web video powers innovation.

The big question is NOT how to blend mobile learning into our suite of existing tools, but rather what effect does this significant shift in the power of knowledge creation and sharing have on our understanding of workplace learning?

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