Innotribe at Sibos Toronto

This morning I’m heading to Toronto to participate in the Innotribe stream for the Sibos conference. Peter Vander Auwera invited me and I’m really looking forward to what is already a most interesting conference, as I read the tweets and posts. I’m presenting on organizational models over time with Stowe Boyd and the session is moderated by the always-interesting Mark Dowds.

Peter’s blog has been covering many of the themes that will be discussed – Digital Identity; the new physics of big data; and new economies for example.

Some comments via Twitter so far:

@petervan – Decrease the bank’s AND the customer’s risk should be one of the principles

@dsearls – Has anybody ever drowned in a Deep Dive? Just wondering. 🙂 Corollary to last tweet: I have been rained out in a brainstorm.

@marovdan – # innotribe  has grown and matured into something very important. The future course of finance is being debated and decided. Here.

There should be lots to learn and much to write about, which of course I’ll share here. Hugh Macleod is the official cartoonist for the event, so that should be a real treat!

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