What the network saw

Instead of comments, many people are using other media to indicate what they think about a web page or blog post, as Doc Searls discusses in Comments vs. Likes, Tweets, Shares and +1s. The online conversation keeps moving and in some cases it’s no longer a conversation, just a signal, like a nod or wink.

I’ve looked at my posts this year from the perspective of how often they were mentioned on Twitter.

Here are the top eight (this blog is in its 8th year).

Social Learning, Complexity and the Enterprise (April) One of my longest posts. As our work environments become more complex due to the speed of information transmission via ubiquitous networks, we need to adopt more flexible and less mechanistic processes to get work done.

The New Knowledge Worker (October) How do we get to a state of enlightened organizations in a transparent environment providing meaningful ways for people to contribute to society?

Social Learning for Business (January) An elevator pitch, in 10 sentences, for social learning, which is what really makes social business work.

Social Learning for Collaborative Work (May) We collaborate because we have a reason to do so (such as in the workplace). We learn socially because we are wired to do so.

Network Thinking (December) Network thinking can fundamentally change our view of hierarchical relationships.

Working Smarter through Social Learning (February) Artificial boundaries that limit collaboration and communication only serve to drag companies down and create opportunities for more agile competitors.

Social Learning: The freedom to act and cooperate with others (August) One current theme in workplace and education circles is to “blend” social with the formal and structured. But social learning is not a bolted-on component of our formal educational and training programs.

Training Departments Will Shrink (July) We are in a management revolution, testing out new models such as the social enterprise, democracy in the workplace, chaordic organizations and networked free-agents.

Obviously social learning was a theme that received a lot of attention. It was also interesting to note that one of my longest posts was the most tweeted, though I wonder how many people actually read all of it.

I learn a lot via Twitter, which I share on my Friday’s Finds, and my network has incredibly expanded thanks to Twitter. It seems that some of what we have lost in direct feedback, we have gained in network diversity. There are still people who take the time to comment here or write their own blog post in reaction to one of mine. Thanks to all of those conversations this past year and thanks for all the tweets, folks 🙂

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