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Seb Paquet describes the social web as enabling “ridiculously easy group-forming”, and that’s what we did. During our PKM Workshop this week, we discussed the books we would recommend to others. Euan Semple’sOrganizations Don’t Tweet” came up and I mentioned that I had reviewed it. I also suggested that Euan might be available to discuss the book. He graciously agreed to talk with us, even though his work schedule is quite hectic. This evening we set-up a Google+ hangout and Euan talked about several ideas in the book as well as some of his experiences as a change agent in large organizations.

I started the conversation by mentioning the direct connection between PKM and the chapter on Literacy Re-discovered:

Things to remember:

  • Having somewhere to write like a blog or Twitter makes you more aware of what is happening around you.
  • We are communicating more to each other through the medium of writing than we have done for decades.
  • Writing an effective blog post or tweet is a literary skill.
  • Much business writing is badly done and ineffective.
  • The metaphor of the document has become a liability in the era of blogs and Wikipedia.
  • Improving our writing skills and seeing it as part of everyone’s job will improve the effectiveness of our organizations.

A number of other observations were shared, and the group is now gathering its notes together in our discussion forum and continuing to learn together. We practised Seek (find books & authors), Sense (get recommendations for our context), and Share (have a conversation and narrate our learning). It was great to see this in action. It was a real bonus for the workshop, and something we hope to keep doing in future workshops, when the opportunity arises. As Hugh says:

Getting people together across multiple timezones and several countries to have a meaningful conversation is now ridiculously easy. Sometimes we forget just how revolutionary this is.

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  1. Saurabh Hooda

    More than literary skills, writing a blog requires passion. If you are passionate enough then even without adequate literary skills you can convey the message.
    Seek, Sense and Share is good concept. thanks.

  2. Chris Hipple

    I am really struck by the metaphor of the document being limiting in these increasingly networked times. With so many work, school, and other interests that revolve around word, powerpoint, and excel documents I realize how much that has limited my ability to really reflect on my learning in an agile way. When I learn something new or find a new context for something I’ve already known, my first instinct is to put it into a document somewhere. I know I need to make the shift to collecting, tagging, and curating what I learn somewhere in the cloud – but it’s really hard despite my strong motivation. That’s why I enrolled in the PKM Workshop – which has been enlightening despite the fact that I’ve spent far too much of the last two weeks….reading, writing and documents rather than engaging more fully in narrating and connecting.

  3. Jon Husband

    Getting people together across multiple timezones and several countries to have a meaningful conversation is now ridiculously easy. Sometimes we forget just how revolutionary this is.


    “Knowledge is power”, or so it is said. And the creation, use and distribution of what is built or discovered together as knowledge spreads and grows.

    Does that or will that have fundamental impact on our ways of organizing and structuring and carrying out a wide range of human captivities ? It seems as if it might.

    And that will mean shifts in power, authority and taking of responsibility as understood in the prior-to-networks eras, towards an environment wherein our agreements with each other about what and what to do, with who and by when will become our core structures (arguably, they already are, we will just ‘see’ much more of why that is so).


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