PKM Book Update 1

I have been very pleasantly surprised at how well my request to fund the PKM Book Project has been taken up by the community at large. So far, 30 people have sponsored at the basic $10 level. This is where I hoped to have the most support, as it is not a lot of money but shows that people are willing to pay a bit to get a book published that will then be made available for free to anyone who wants it.

I have been even more surprised that some people have purchased more than one basic sponsorship (thanks Dave Ferguson & Leah Good) and that I also have two Bronze level sponsors ($100) – Steve Dale & Mark Brewer – and one Gold Sponsor ($500) – Tantramar Interactive. There are two more Gold sponsors pending. This is much bigger than I anticipated.

I will take some time this Summer (now that I can afford it) to write the outline and pull several new threads together. The PKM Workshops have provided me with great feedback on how personal knowledge management is understood and used by others. Thanks to everyone for a great start and for giving me the incentive to get going on a project I have thought about doing for several years!

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