PKM webinar 25 october

On 25 October at 18:00 GMT I will be conducting an online session on personal knowledge management (PKM). It will be in English and is hosted by En Nu Online, a Netherlands company focused on social media for learning and is part of a longer workshop series. The hosts are @joitske and @sibrenne and there will be a Twitter back-channel. If you would like to attend, you can sign up on the website. Cost is €45 for this 1.5 hour interactive session and includes two written case studies on recent online social learning implementations.


The automation and outsourcing of work is becoming our wicked problem to deal with as we move into the network era. Most workers have no control over the economy or the changes in the means of production. They just have to roll with the punches, which are coming faster and faster. However, there is one area where workers can take control; relatively easily and inexpensively. They can take control of their professional development.

Most recruiters will tell you that the time to build your network is before you become unemployed. It’s the same with professional development. If the only knowledge-building activities you do are ones mandated by your employer, then you may be in trouble. Developing a network of thoughtful people who can help in your professional life would be a good start.

If you think there is a possibility of spending some time in the future as either unemployed, contractual, or freelancing, then now is the time to build a professional development network. Seek out people who can help you; begin habits of regular sense-making activities; and start to share, because only by sharing will you meet the people you should be seeking in the first place. PKM is a framework that can help you take control of your professional development.

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