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“If I knew where the good songs came from, I’d go there more often.” – Leonard Cohen

“If your network isn’t offending you, you’re stuck in an echo chamber.”Howard Rheingold, via @opencontent

@shareski“For too many kids, school has been about finding out what you suck at and spending time getting better at things you really don’t like anyway.”

@alexhimelfarb“What kind of future do we build together when taxpayer & consumer have displaced citizen & the common good?”

Does Technology Improve Employee Engagement? by @dhinchcliffe

In other words, it shouldn’t be surprising that acquiring a powerful new engagement technology, and then not focusing on using what makes it so powerful, results in poor outcomes. A few test questions can illuminate this point: Are you rolling out social media broadly across the organization, yet not methodically opening up business processes to wider participation and scrutiny? Then you’ll get limited results. Are you creating a new intranet with some social features but keeping the publishing process locked down? Not much new will happen. Are you letting employees talk to customers via social media? Then customer care is going to stay expensive and poor quality.

Google’s Employee to Employee Learning, via @jaycross

Telling your employees that you want them to learn is different than asking them to promote that culture themselves. Giving employees teaching roles, says Google’s head of people operations, Karen May, makes learning part of the way employees work together rather than something HR is making them do.

How affordable CNC can re-make industry: thoughts on technology and business structure via @jhagel

What are the organizational implications of this coming disruption?  What is the right model to house this technology?

One possibility is a return to the putting-out system, which preceded the factory.  Perhaps independent contractors, each owning one or two tools in garage workshop, could do components of the job, passing work in progress to the next contractor.  Blade Runner, anyone?

The Idea Peddler: A 21st Century Pioneer, via @zecool

It’s incredibly difficult.  Being an idea peddler, a 21st century pioneer will require high levels of perseverance and stamina.  Much like the pioneers of the 1800’s.  Only different.  Less physical, more mental.

And as a 21st century pioneer, you have to understand that any time you push against the mainstream, against the status quo … you will have to spend periods of time serving as an outsider, an outlier.

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