How to work in the creative economy

Gary Hamel says that we are moving from an Industrial to a Creative Economy, which requires more independent workers with initiative, creativity, and passion.

What other changes will this creative economy drive? I see changes on several levels.

  1. Core ideas about valued work:
    1. from producing tangible goods to intangible services;
    2. from looking for best practices to constantly developing emergent practices;
    3. from standardized jobs to being transparent in changing work practices as one learns while working.
  2. The underlying technology that enables work:
    1. from centralized factories to distributed and dynamic workplaces.
  3. Organizational models to get work done:
    1. from centralized physical workplaces, to decentralized and dynamically changing ones.
  4. Distribution and sharing of knowledge about how work is managed:
    1. from schools of business, removed from the workplace, to communities of professionals learning as they work.
  5. The ideology behind business and work:
    1. from the principles of scientific management based on:
      1. hierarchies
      2. standardized practices
      3. specialized tasks and jobs
      4. planning and control
      5. predominantly extrinsic rewards
    2. to an understanding of complexity and the necessity to continuously Probe-Sense-Respond and engage workers by enabling autonomy, mastery and a sense of purpose.

work is changing

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