2497 and counting

Do you think you will still be working, in some capacity, in 10 years? What will you have learned during that decade? Will you remember much of it? Will you have access to reminders and artifacts that could jog your memory? Perhaps you need an outboard brain.

freedomisblogginginyourunderwearYesterday marked 10 years of blogging here at jarche.com. This is post # 2,497. That’s a lot of words, concepts, and half-baked ideas. For example, I have the flow (148 posts to date) of my thoughts on personal knowledge management since my first post in 2004. The Seek > Sense > Share framework emerged in 2010. I have also developed ideas around the knowledge-sharing paradox; how our work structures drive sociopathic behaviours; and management in networks. These thoughts continue to evolve and provide the raw material for more refined posts like how to help the network make better decisions, or longer whitepapers for my clients.

Everyone talks about change today, and how people will have many careers and vocations through their working lives. Company lifespans are decreasing and losing your job is becoming a rather common, but unfortunate, occurrence. Having a blog, a public presence to share ideas, enables you to grow a professional network beyond your organization’s walls. It can provide useful insights while you have a job, and connect you to people who can help you if you need to look for new work. Given the usefulness of blogs, it’s amazing that many professionals still cannot be bothered with them.

My business would not exist without my blog. Period.

Note that I live in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada; population 5,000. I am 1,000 km away from the closest internationally recognized city (Boston or Montreal). Even our timezone is unknown to many people. Without my blog, nobody would ever have heard of me. My speaking engagements are an indication of the reach my blog has provided. Finally, thanks to Automattic for making WordPress, which I adopted in 2006, and it made my online life much simpler.


8 Responses to “2497 and counting”

  1. Ben Ziegler

    Congratulations Harold. That’s quite a track record. Frequency and regularity are part of most any form of learning, including blogging. And, you’ve managed that, in spades. Thanks for sharing your story and wisdom. Keep on, keep on.:)

  2. Jon Husband

    The world (or at least my world) would be much less interesting if you hadn’t started and kept at this. Thanks for all you do, Harold.

  3. Dave Ferguson

    I think not only your clients but also your readers are fortunate, Harold. You are the smart, generous, good-natured (virtual) colleague who by your actions and example encourages people to think deeply, widely, and openly — without getting all full of themselves.

  4. Urs

    Great work, Harold,
    our roads thus crossed only two years after you had started blogging (one some of those bike rides on Jay’s unworkshop).
    Again and again your thoughts are inspiring and I am glad we have met – however hopefully some day we shall meet in person.
    Keep on going. Thanks for your ideas and inspiration,

  5. Elaine Rosa

    Happy 10th Harold, I may not have been among the first readers when you began blogging, but I really appreciate the insights you’ve shared thus far. Keep laying the groundwork for those who follow you along the path.

  6. Tom Sedge

    Thanks for sharing your experience Harold and happy 10th anniversary. It is motivating stuff for those of us who are nearer the beginning of that 10 year journey than the end.

    I’m reminded how often I have to ignore the well-meaning advice of friends who think the only thing I should focus on is “selling myself” in traditional ways as if I’m a pre-packaged commodity desperately seeking a buyer.

    Well, I don’t want a job – it’s much more fun to create one – and I think one of the best ways (but not the only way) is to sell myself is through sharing the best of my ideas, creativity and experiences with the world via my blog. Your post gives me strength to continue with that.

    Thanks again.


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