Seek, Sense, Share in The Hague

On Friday morning we left Delft and headed into The Hague by bicycle, the only practical way to travel in the Netherlands, as my hosts Sibrenne and Russell assured me. I would be facilitating a PKM master class, designed for people who already had some experience with using web technologies for personal professional development. The session was held at a wonderful location, in a 42-story modern office building. These co-work spaces are called seats 2 meet and also offer meeting rooms at a cost of €60 per person.

cycle commuting in The Hague

Cycle-commuting from The Hague to Delft

The day focused on the needs and objectives of the participants, with only a little information presentation on my part. All participants had watched my short PKM intro video and several had taken the web-based workshop, that finished on the same day. We spent time looking at how we used various technologies, our daily work routines, and also how to make decisions on how to connect with others. Russell made a point that my Seek > Sense > Share framework is a multi-layered model, that is very simple to understand, but difficult to master as one sees more and more aspects of it over time. I had taken this for granted and appreciated getting first-hand feedback from the group. An advantage of face to face sessions is that you can have more nuanced conversation. Of course we were working in most participants’ second language, so that was a bit of a barrier in discussing complex ideas.

I have decided to cease offering the online PKM workshops as they now exist, and have started on a new program, that should be ready in about forty days. In addition, I will further develop the on-site PKM master class, as well as another one focused on leadership in networks. I look forward to making some announcements in a month or two. In the meantime, I will only offer basic PKM workshops to groups of 10 or more.

I write this post as I ride the TGV to Paris. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a European train and staying connected makes for a more productive trip. Our world is changing but I think practices like PKM, and active sense-making, can help us individually and collectively.

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