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PKM for me was initially a way to keep my professional development costs as low as possible. I wanted to use the open web in the best way to stay current in my field. In 2004 this was by following early bloggers and also by blogging myself. I must say that my posts in the early years were not very good. These past few weeks I have been compiling, updating, and editing my best articles. The earliest post in that selection is from 2007. It took me three years to write a blog post that would stand the test of time.

The road to mastery needs practice and perhaps some guidance. My PKM workshop is a more structured approach to start your practice.

My PKM workshops have evolved over time. In 2009 I forecast that PKM would be common in the workplace by 2019. I ran classes at the University of Toronto in 2010 and did the first online workshop in 2011. Group workshops were conducted via ‘The Connected Workplace’. Workshops have also been designed for specific organizational contexts, such as with Domino’s Pizza. After ten years of incubation, 150 posts, several papers and articles: PKM and our workshops have matured, as my writing has. The next phase is Personal Knowledge Mastery.

This workshop is two weeks longer than our previous ones, but the activities are shorter and spread out, with three per week. Many of the activities build on each other. They are also informed by insights we have gained through our own practice and shared ideas from others.I ran my last on-site workshop in The Hague and noted that I would develop a basic workshop and also offer master classes for people and organizations who had already begun to implement a seek > sense > share framework. The inspiration for the  initial “in 40 days” format comes from my friends at En Nu Online in the Netherlands who have designed some unique and interesting professional development approaches.

PKMasteryMoving from Management to Mastery is about the journey from apprentice to disciplined sense-maker and sharer of knowledge. Masters do not need to be managed. As networks become the dominant organizational form, personal mastery will be the first discipline for knowledge workers.

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  1. Jon Husband

    And after a few successful trial runs of PKM in 40 Days, then the book ?

    “All You’ll Ever Need to Know About PKM”, by the Master himself


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