continuous learning to hack uncertainty

This week I will be speaking at the Landing Festival in Berlin. It is described as Europe’s biggest tech careers event: “two days of intensive learning and networking featuring talks, panels, expert sessions, workshops, a job fair, entertainment activities and a massive boat party to wrap up all the craziness”. My keynote will discuss the need for every professional to develop diverse knowledge networks and engage in communities of practice. The following day I will run a short workshop on personal knowledge mastery and how this discipline can specifically help to engage with social networks and communities. It is the ‘How’, following the ‘Why’ of my keynote. I am assuming this will be a younger audience than I usually present to, so I’m looking forward to possible different perspectives on work and learning.

Following the Landing Festival I will have the privilege to present to the Executive MBA programme at the Berlin School for Creative Leadership. I will be co-presenting with Esko Kilpi, a rare pleasure, and will be discussing the need for continuous learning as an essential leadership skill. A synopsis of this is available at the Harvard Business Review: The Best Leaders are Constant Learners.

The following week I will be in Paris, but if anyone between these two cities would like a quick drop-in, at a bargain price, for a presentation or short workshop, I have no set travel plans for 18-21 March: check out my professional services.

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