Social Networks & Corporate Learning

Jay Cross of the newly renamed Emergent Learning Forum, discusses social networks and their value for corporate learning. This is the frontier of the Internet, building on the writings of Malcolm Gladwell (author of The Tipping Point)and others, on how loose social ties are more important than strong ones for learning, as they introduce ideas and people outside of our usual social circle. Social networks, communities of practice, expertise locators, etc. have more potential and utility in this medium than centralized systems such as LCMS. If you have an interest in this field, then join the Forum, it’s free.

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  1. Thomas Reilly

    Trifus provides SaaS LMS and Wikis to mid-sized organizations. As part of that, we have built a patent pending Wiki/LMS hybrid that we are bringing to market. I would like to share ideas with others interested in this topic and corporate learning and social networking more generally.


    Tom Reilly
    CEO, Trifus


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