The inevitability of Laptops

Via Stephen, is this article from USA Today on the use of laptops in schools. It’s getting to the point where the the conservative majority will not be able to argue against students being connected with information technology. In a short time, using laptops will be more economical.

Back in the Dallas suburb of Forney, Superintendent Smith doesn’t know what he’ll do after the experiment with textbook-loaded laptops next year. It all depends on the price, he said.
"A child’s set of textbooks costs $350," Smith said. "If they can get these notebooks down to $500, it gets cost-effective in a hurry."

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  1. Anonymous

    Great. That will get the beaGreat. That will get the beancounters attention and “buy-in”. Now, let’s see what the teachers and students do with the computers : there’s the real question… I shiver when I read the terms “textbook-loaded laptops” (!) (Chassez le naturel, il revient toujours au gallop.)



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