Learning Outsourcing

I mentioned in my last post that I had been working on an article on collaboration in the New Brunswick learning industry. As anyone here knows, almost all of our work is export focused, as the local economy is quite small. Another theme that is getting more press in the last year is learning outsourcing. Jay Cross thinks it may be the "next big thing", pointing to recent initiatives by Intrepid Learning Solutions and Knowledge Pool. In Atlantic Canada, many companies are already providing some kind of outsourcing services, be it custom development, hosted services, consulting, etc.

Jay is offering his services to help organisations examine the intricacies of outsourcing. Jay links to a recent report by SRI Business Consulting’s Learning on Demand service, entitled Learning Outsourcing: Strategic Opportunity. The report is authored by Eilif Trondsen and Hal Richman. Hal is my business partner, and resides in Nova Scotia. Given that Atlantic Canada has a number of learning-oriented companies, with a variety of skills and expertise, I think that we are well positioned to capitalize on this opportunity. We just have to get the word out.

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