Guidelines for Effective Corporate eLearning

Anol Bhattacharya, author of SoulSoup, has posted some good guidelines on elearning for the corporate world. I can really relate to guideline #1:

1. The business world is not about learning, it’s about doing business.

So before doing training needs analysis – please, do go through a business needs analysis. It may not be the same as the strategic direction or vision statement of the company; it’s more complex. We are dealing with different goals and perspectives. What needs to be learnt varies from the point of view of the CXO, training manager, product manager/department head and the learner. Catering to all viewpoints is a daunting task, but, believe me, it’s the first and foremost task to do. Any shortcut is a pathway to doom’s loop.

This is similar to the principal of The Problem, The Balloon and the Four Bedroom House; namely that an inadequate analysis may rise up and bite you during a subsequent part of the project.

Anol has a number of other principals that would be worthwhile for anyone developing “learning solutions” for the business world. I got a déja vu chuckle from #5, stating that big LMS rollouts are out:

Then the fun begins. People sit together in meeting rooms, munching donuts and sipping coffee, to interview LMS vendors. The process made them feel important. After that hoola-hoop, when the LMS was finally implemented (e Learning rollout – drum roll please!), there was nothing inside it. So they filled it up with off-the-shelf courseware and uploaded all the junk PowerPoint presentations, PDF and Word documents. Finally when they realized nothing is going according to their expectations (god only knows what those were!) – they jumped to the conclusion – e Learning doesn’t work!

Via James at IncSub.

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