Provinent Acquires LearnStream

Provinent, headquartered in Toronto, with its development shop in Fredericton has just purchased LearnStream, another Fredericton company. From the press release:

Provinent Corporation, Canada’s leader in e-learning consulting and custom e-learning content development, announced today that it has acquired New Brunswick based LearnStream, a pioneer in e-learning courseware development.

I wonder if we’ll be seeing any more mergers and acquisitions this year?

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  1. Anonymous

    Yes, there will be more mergers and acquisitions this year
    I think the eLearning industry is ripe for consolidation and I would not be surprised to see some acquisitions by companies outside of the traditional eLearning, much like when Convergys bought DigitalThink. I’m not sure there will be more mergers as frankly none of them have lived up to the hype. Both Click2Learn/Docent and SkillSoft/SmartForce were purely defensive plays and their stocks have tanked. Personally if I was an eLearning company I would be scrambling to drop the "e" and emphasize the "learning". The latest scam seems to be trying to get away from the ROI trap by linking learning to business processes which by sheer coincidence is very difficult to measure.


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