The Tantramar Commons …

I had some great conversations over the weekend, mostly around the
ideas of The Commons Network, first posted by Rob
, and now being implemented with the Queen
Street Commons
. This has given me the impetus
to resurrect the idea
of the Sackville
SOHO Society
, though I think I’ll change it to
the Tantramar

I’m going to start by getting a small group of people
involved in the design of our own Commons. We originally started in
2003 by meeting at the Bridge Street Cafe in downtown Sackville. The
cafe now offers free WiFi service, so it might be even more
attractive as a meeting place. Take a note of this if you’re driving
past Sackville on the
Trans-Canada Highway and want to go online.

Anyway, I’m planning on
heading to Charlottetown in the next few weeks and see how the Queen
Street Commons is progressing and find out what lessons they’ve
learned so far. As we progress (once again), I’ll post my thoughts,
and would appreciate any input or advice. Hope springs eternal!

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