Reverse Job Postings

Are reverse job postings on the rise? I noted two years ago how Seb Paquet had posted that he was leaving the NRC,

He has basically created a reverse job posting, telling the world that he is available and under what conditions. Instead of roaming the streets with his CV in hand, Seb’s blog is a central location to get to know him or to catch-up on what he’s been up to. I think that these kinds of between-job postings will become popular on the web and I’m sure that someone will even give them a name and sell services around them.

I was reminded of this when I saw K. G Schneider’s Free Range Librarian for Rent post. Two years later and I haven’t seen too many of these posts, but more people are referring others through their blogs. Schneider’s post is much more enjoyable to read, and more informative, than any job post I’ve seen. Most job adverts are way too serious and don’t give you any real understanding about the work or the people. I still think there may be a business model in aggregating these feeds and adding a logic layer to the disconnected “for hire” blog posts out there.

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  1. Chan Donahower

    As a former HR Director/Agent/Tech Writer-Mfr Rep.. I can see lotsa tie-ins (and tie-downs{?!} for the development of a System to “lighten’ up” and coordinate Blogs without the heaviness of Resume-based Portfolios…any ideas for discussion out there?
    ..ideas to


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