For several years I called this blog “Conversations at the intersection of learning, work & technology” and still use that tag line from time to time. During the past decade I’ve worked at that intersection, sometimes more focused on one aspect than another. I’ve seen a merging of work and learning as more of our lives are lived in larger and more complex networks. Working in what my friend Jay Cross calls Internet Time, blurs the lines between work and learning. The blurring of lines between the silos of disciplines and knowledge is happening everywhere as we get the ability to quickly jump from one field to another, and it’s reaping the reward of innovation, as Franz Johansson notes in The Medici Effect.

This decade has witnessed an increasing use of social network analysis and value network analysis, while social media are starting to permeate every type of business, especially marketing. In learning theory we now have Connectivismthe integration of principles explored by chaos, network, and complexity and self-organization theories. Understanding networks provides new insights into learning and business.

So what lies at the intersection of learning, work and technology? NETWORKS

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  1. Georgiy Ratomskiy

    Thank you for this entry, Mr. Jarche.
    It’s interesting to read about Connectivism conception. And i like your point of view about Networks and it’s role in learning, work and technology.


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