Exchanging knowledge in Ottawa & Montreal

I have two scheduled engagements with The Conference Board of Canada in February.

On 3/4 Feb I will be presenting a framework for social learning in the enterprise in Ottawa with the Canadian Council for Learning and Development as well as the Knowledge Strategy Exchange Networks.

Later in the month on 16/17 Feb I will be presenting in Montréal to the Councils of Human Resource Executives where the topic is the future of work. My presentation will discuss:

Social media, distributed work and unlimited information are changing our relationships in the workplace. We can connect to anyone, anywhere and find out almost anything. Hyperlinks subvert hierarchies, making many industrial work practices redundant. Yet we cling to the traditional ways of measuring and valuing work. Job competencies were based on stable, measurable work. Courses are an artifact of a time when information was scarce and connections were few. The future of work is in the integration of learning and working. It is in working smarter.

If any friends and colleagues in these cities want to get together, let me know. I haven’t made my travel bookings yet and I will be in Ottawa for a few extra days for some other client work. If you know of an organization that is looking for speakers or workshops please pass the word. It’s a small world.

Other workshops topics include:

  • How to foster informal learning with Web tools
  • How to develop an effective personal knowledge management strategy
  • Web social media for business
  • How to use social Web tools for training and education
  • Developing a social architecture for online communities

I’ve conducted day-long “Informal Learning Workshops” as well as Informl Learning Unworkshops. Recent workshop titles include:

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