CCLD KSEN Workshop follow-up

We discussed social learning in the enterprise today with an interesting case study on social learning (without technology) by PwC. At the end of the day everyone was asked what pressing issue they would like to discuss for tomorrow. The questions were grouped into five areas, and I’ve added some resources for each:


Article on PKM and working smarter through networked learning

Beth Kanter: My Three Words for 2011: Seek, Sense, and Share

Sumeet Moghe: How I’m approaching PKM


Jane Hart’s Directory of Learning Tools 2011 (13 categories)

Jane Hart: Examples of the use of social media and learning (By technology and types of learning)

Jane Hart: 100+ Examples of  the Use of Social Media in Learning

Integration of KM and L&D

Social computing in knowledge-intensive workplaces

What would an integrated OD, HR, IT, KM, Marketing/Communications and L&D partnership look like? Partnerships & the Organization

Implementation and Case Studies

Jane Hart: Social Learning in the Workplace Examples

Measurement & KPI’s

Eric Davidove: The Business Case for Social Learning

Verifying Virtual Value

Informal learning and performance technology

Soft skills are foundational competencies

Other Resources:

The Shy Connector

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