Institutional Memory and Knowledge Management

This is a follow-up post on building institutional memory. The basic premises are stated in sense-making for decision memories. This presentation includes additional details and more explanations. It adds many new slides to help with the flow of the narrative, limited as it is with this medium.

The main themes are:

Memories are captured as knowledge artifacts, each limited by what it can convey, depending on its nature and the knowledge of the recipient.

Decision memories have a certain importance for organizations; to understand why decisions were, or were not, taken.

Knowledge management can provide a structure to capture institutional memory, but it requires more than a single approach.

Complex work, which is growing in importance in networked organizations, requires the sharing of implicit knowledge and this presents certain challenges.

We should take complexity into account and develop frameworks for sharing knowledge and storing institutional memory to help organizations deal with current events and prepare for an uncertain future.


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