7 guidelines for managing open networks

Ed Morrison, Advisor for the Purdue Center for Regional Development, says that many of the familiar approaches to management no longer apply, and goes on to provide 7 keys to guiding an open network. I have added my images that support this excellent set of rules.

Click on each image for a link to the supporting article.

Rule 1: Form a core team with distributed leadership roles

servant leadershipRule 2: To accelerate, go slowly at first [AKA: Probe-Sense-Respond]

trojan miceRule 3: Find opportunities by linking and leveraging assets

Picture 2
Rule 4: Create coherence with visualizations and outcomes with success metrics

Rule 5: Adopt simple rules to design and implement strategy

cynefin-networks-verna-alleeRule 6: Promote transparency, mutual accountability and success metrics

Rule 7: Embrace action and experimentation

pkm innovation

6 Responses to “7 guidelines for managing open networks”

  1. Jon Husband

    I wanted to say “Excellent”.

    WP told me the comment was too short and to “Go back and try again”.

    So, this is the second attempt.

  2. Tim Gieseke

    Thanks for the 7 rules. I crossed paths with Ed in 2011 after applying a shared governance approach to address agro-ecological issues (farming and water quality) and realized I had applied “strategic doing”. The complexity of ag and enviro issues requires the guidelines and the effort naturally gravitated toward them.

    Since then, I can see it or see the need for it in many sectors of society.


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