workplace of the future

Clark Quinn, in collaboration with Learnnovators, has created a free and open course on the workplace of the future. The course is dedicated to our late colleague, Jay Cross, founder of the Internet Time Alliance. Each of us provided input and references for the course.

The scenarios and questions are not simple click-though pieces, I quickly discovered after a few wrong answers, even on the section where I am supposed to be the subject matter expert! I would recommend taking the course and pausing to reflect on how this applies to your workplace. A modern workplace learning strategy needs to include training, performance support, and social learning. Making it work is possible, but requires mastery of many fields and an understanding of the complexities of human learning. Much of Jay’s early work, such as his book on Informal Learning, has paved the way. It is now up to the rest of us to continue that work, and Clark has set an excellent example of getting the message out.

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