custom pkm workshops

Do you need to develop and support a digitally savvy workforce that can continuously learn? Personal knowledge mastery develops four critical future work skills, as identified by the Institute for the Future: sense-making, social intelligence, new media literacy, and cognitive load management. PKM feeds working out loud and organizational knowledge management.


I have been running the  PKM online workshop as an open access program now conducted four times per year. It has had hundreds of participants over the past three years.  Exercises such as network mapping are combined with the narration of work, network weaving, and how these can enable better knowledge connections.

Some organizations prefer to run in-house learning & development programs in order to focus on their particular context. These organizations wanting to develop PKM skills across the enterprise can register for a custom workshop that covers the same activities and provides all the resources of the public workshop. In addition, it will ensure a focus on any special needs of the organization, receiving:

  • a two-hour live online introduction to PKM
  • a choice of 4, 6, or 9 week duration for the 18 activities
  • daily online support
  • four live online Q&A sessions
  • recommendations for continuing development after the workshop
  • organizational license for the perpetual beta series

The standard cost for this workshop is $(US)7,500 for up to 30 participants.

Contact me for more information or to book a start date.

Workshop Participant Comments

“The more I am out there chatting to clients, the more I realise that your PKM approach is the number one critical skill set.  Any way I look at it, all roads seem to end there.  It is the foundation.  That’s why I thought this is where they need to start – and not just the employees – everyone including the managers.”

“Many people appear to think knowledge management comes in one system/process and are not fully understanding of their personal responsibility for structuring their incoming and outgoing knowledge.”

“PKM is not linear. As I learn, I share. As I share, I hear and see new things from others, and as a result I learn … and share …”

“If my network is robust, the information will come back to me, if I miss it the first time round.”

“PKM is the perfect ‘tool’ for supporting culture change in both your organization and those you interact with.”


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