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“Teaching and coaching are fundamentally about helping making other people better. Learning to do this can’t be done via shortcuts. It requires a willingness to be patient, to take your time and have a deep desire to develop your craft.” —@IamSporticus

My work over the past several decades has confirmed that the best leaders are constant learners. The essence of leadership or management in organizations today is helping make your networks smarter, more resilient, and able to make better decisions. Those in leadership positions need to be good learners. For example, the core method (of six main components) for the teacher/master in cognitive apprenticeship is modelling. This can be aided by external coaching and scaffolding, but it is up to the learner to spend time on articulation, reflection, and exploration. Developing mastery requires deliberate practice over time.

I offer a structure for people looking to become better learners. My coaching services are designed to provide actionable insights on learning and work in the network era. Engagements start with an understanding of your unique context and how to be a better professional.

“A professional is anyone who does work that cannot be standardized easily and who continuously welcomes challenges at the cutting edge of his or her expertise.” —David Williamson Shaffer

Unlike courses, workshops, or conferences, coaching is completely focused on your needs. Particular areas of focus are any of the various topics discussed here, such as:

  • Networked management & leadership
  • Nurturing a learning organization
  • Finding communities of practice
  • Knowledge networks
  • Personal knowledge mastery
  • Social learning strategy

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