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The five most-viewed posts here this past year provide a good synopsis of the over 150 articles I have written since January. They cover the main themes of organizations, work, and learning, that I have been discussing on this blog since 2004.2014

The Seek > Sense > Share framework

This article was published by UK-based Inside Learning Technologies & Skills magazine. It is an overview of personal knowledge mastery (PKM).

Key point: The mainstream application of knowledge management and learning management over the past few decades is mostly wrong; we over-managed information, knowledge, and learning, because it was easy to do so.

Four basic skills for 2020

This is another post related to PKM, that focuses on 4 of the skills critical for success in the emerging network era workplace, as identified by the Institute for the Future.

Key point: Knowledge in a networked society is different from what many of us grew up with in the pre-Internet days.

The post-hierarchical organization

This article describes the limitations of hierarchies and asks: What does a post-hierarchical organization look like?

Key point: Organizations have to become knowledge networks.

Organizational learning in the network era

This post states that organizational learning is more than training. People in today’s workplace need ongoing, real-time, constantly-changing, collaborative, support. They can only work effectively if barriers to organizational learning are removed.

Key point: Systemic factors account for most organizational problems, and changing these has more potential for improvement than changing any individual’s performance.

Management in networks

This article asks: What are the functions of management in the network era?

Key point: The company no longer offers the stability it once did as innovative disruption comes from all corners. Economic value is getting redistributed to creative workers and then diffused through networks.

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