Change comes slowly

Yesterday we finished a strategic planning exercise at Mancomm and we had to decide what to do next. As the only New Brunswicker with this Montreal-based company, I’m usually far from the head office. I mentioned that we should put the strategic plan on our intranet as a wiki, so that we could continue to refine it. This seemed very natural to our group and the consensus was to publish the plan as a wiki..

On the other hand, I’m involved in a number of other initiatives where I receive dozens of emails per day, most of them prefaced by "Re:Fwd:Re:Fwd" etc. We all complain about email overload, but most of us still revert to the old patterns of ten years ago – just send an email.

I know that we don’t like to change and that many of us like our familiar patterns, but with technology changing like crazy we should all be trying at least one new business productivity technology every year. If not, we’ll look like those dinosaurs in the MS commercials that are popping up all over the place. So if you haven’t tried blogs, wikis, feedreaders, iPods, or whatever else, then get off your comfortable bottoms and try something new. You have nothing to lose but your antediluvian chains.

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  1. Anonymous

    WIKI?Hi Harold,

    You mention publishing your stategic plan as a ‘wiki’.
    Could you show me an example of this being used outside of the encyclopaedia world?
    Where else do you see this being used?
    Sounds very interesting.

    (wishing I was working at the cafe)

  2. Anonymous

    WikisNo problem Mike. I’ll gladly discuss how we use wikis in business. In the meantime, I’ll try to make a post that explains wikis in a straight forward manner – I know I have a bunch of resources; just have to organize them 😉


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