It’s the worldview, stupid

I have written on various topics on this blog over the years. For example, I believe that it is only by working (and learning) interdependently, retaining our autonomy, co-developing our mastery and feeling a shared sense of purpose that we will be truly motivated. Imagine my surprise when I watched the movie, Crossroads: Labor pains of a new worldview, when it began with interdependence and then went on to discuss recent mass, decentralized, social world events; the need for cooperation; the Stanford Prison Experiment; and how our social networks influence our behaviour.

This documentary clearly shows that if we change our worldview, we can change the future, for good. However, institutional, business, and political leaders are too committed to the status quo. Meanwhile, the global poor are too busy surviving. That leaves those in the middle, and I would surmise that would be most of the people reading this blog. It’s up to us. As noted in the video, research shows that it only takes 10% of a population to spread an idea. If you understand that we are all connected and that only together will we get ourselves out of the messes we have created, then this video is for you.

Watching this movie was like seeing many of my thoughts put together in a single narrative. I have seen several future-looking videos in recent years but this one really covers the complexities of our current situation. It is worth the one hour of your time. I strongly recommend it. Changing our worldview will be a process of social learning.

VideoCrossroads: Labor Pains of a new worldview

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  1. Jasmine Malki

    Thank you Harold for sharing this powerful film. I feel so inspired to humbly consider the opportunity to be one of the ‘thinking people’ to precipitate change within my own network, organisation, community and amazingly the world! It is very exciting to see the role we can all play to bring positive change. I feel the film has helped me experience a mind shift in the way I view my role and how it relates to everything around me. Thank you again and I am really looking forward to the social learning in business workshop!




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