Scaffolding and capability building

Jane Hart’s recent post on changing the role of L&D (learning & development) explains how training departments need to move beyond packaging content and toward scaffolding and capability building.

What I like about this matrix is that it makes it easier to describe my professional services in the organizational learning area. I have highlighted my areas of focus in red. The rest is not really my business, as there are plenty of companies that do that. I used to say I did ABC Learning [Anything But Courses]. Jane’s graphic makes it  much more clear, and it’s what our new Connected Worker site is all about.

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  1. Health and Safety Consultant

    The concept of scaffolding is not limited to construction or education but can also be applied to capability building in the workplace. By providing appropriate support and guidance, employees can develop new skills and capabilities to take on more complex tasks and challenges. This approach requires a flexible and personalized approach, tailored to the individual’s needs, and a willingness to provide constructive feedback and opportunities for growth. Ultimately, scaffolding can lead to a more capable, confident, and engaged workforce.


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