Several times over the past year I have been asked to conduct online masterclasses to help organizations with their internal change initiatives, such as digital transformation, distributed work, or online community building. These sessions are usually two  hours and have from 20 to 60 participants. Each one is focused on the needs of the client which we discuss in advance. Here are the various components that we have used.

  • Network mapping exercise
  • Value network analysis
  • The PKM framework
  • Managing in the complex domain
  • Network leadership
  • Understanding communities and networks
  • Innovation and social learning
  • Understanding media

One of the results of these masterclasses is a common framework and language to accelerate knowledge sharing.

Each masterclass includes an activity before the live session and a pre-reading assignment. Each live session can include presentations, plenary or small group discussions, polls & questionnaires, questions and dialogue. A video & audio recording  and a chat transcript are provided for internal use. I follow-up with any suggested references as a result of our conversations.

There is no size limit but 60 seems to the largest group size that works to date. These masterclasses have a standard fee for 2021/2022, no matter the number of participants — $(CA)3,500 or $(US)3,000 or €2,500.

complex work is connected social and human


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