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Teaching Defiance

I had the opportunity to listen to Anne Bartlett-Bragg’s podcast with Mike Newman, author of Teaching Defiance, while traveling last week. This cover note is what caught my attention: This is a book about choice. It urges activist educators to help people break free from their pasts, take control of the present, and make deliberate,… Read more »

The means of production

Social media on the web (blogs, wikis, podcasts, videos) have given the 1 billion connected people on the planet the basic tools of production in a knowledge economy. We can create mental abstractions that represent our knowledge and then share them with the world for validation. For the first time in history, the workers own… Read more »

Informal Learning at TechKnowledge 2007

I really enjoyed presenting at TK2007 this week, even though our session was moved to a new venue and it was at the end of the day. Being that the topic was informal learning, the session was – informal. The next day I reviewed the participant evaluations with Jay, who has already noted several of… Read more »

Informal in Vegas

It’s been a hectic week, with a full-day session in Ottawa followed by a long flight to Las Vegas, and then three days of TechKnowledge 2007. It’s been a time to connect and re-connect with many people and have several long conversations. I guesss that this trip has reinforced my understanding that learning is conversation…. Read more »

Informal Learning Workshop Follow-up

Some links and references that I promised during yesterday’s workshop in Ottawa are here. The discussion on networked learning, with Leigh Blackall Kathy Sierra, Creating Passionate Users Presentation Zen Blog Judy Brown’s Web 2.0 Tools Robert Paterson’s interview about blogging with PBS. Follow the link that Rob provides and look on the right box called… Read more »

Skype Call on Informal Learning

The CSTD Ottawa Informal Learning Workshop is tomorrow, Tuesday January 30th. I’ll be discussing informal learning in general, personal knowledge management, various tools and analysis & implementation techniques. If you would like share your views or say how you’ve implemented some type of workplace informal learning then Skype me between Noon and 4:00 PM EST… Read more »

Elgg – MySpace for the learning community?

This past year I used Elgg as my blogging platform for the Informl Learning Unworkshops, as I wanted to keep my posts separate from my main website. As many readers already know, I am a real fan of Elgg, which is a social networking, blogging, aggregating and e-portfolio system all in one. It’s also available… Read more »

Blogs and Informal Learning

This is a continuation of my posts on informal learning in advance of the CSTD Ottawa workshop on 30 January. You can learn a lot through blogging and reading blogs, but it’s usually not what you were expecting. Many times you can go through a series of posts looking for something specific and then wind… Read more »

Recommended reads on informal learning

There are about 15 people signed up for the Ottawa informal learning workshop. This post is for anyone who is keen and wants to get in some early reading. Of course it’s not required, but these could spark some ideas for interesting conversations. Jay Cross has just posted Internet Culture & the Evolution of Learning…. Read more »

Forces of change

I’m conducting a workshop on informal learning on Tuesday, January 30th. In preparation for the workshop and hopefully to foster some early conversations, I’ll be posting my thoughts on informal learning here for the next week. My initial reaction, when asked to present a full day workshop on informal learning, was to ensure that what… Read more »