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Global Civics 101

The Web is making the spread of ideas a lot easier. Videos, online & offline, are also a great way to get ideas across. I’ve seen a few good documentaries lately and I think that it would be rather simple to set up an “uncurriculum” for global civics. This is my term for developing an… Read more »


Jay Cross just created a short video discussing the importance of intangible assets. When examining value networks, which we will discussing in our free Value Networks Workshop on March 20th, one looks at tangible and intangible types of value, the latter described by Verna Allee as: Intangible knowledge exchanges include strategic information, planning knowledge, process… Read more »

PKM Unplugged

Jerome Martin responded to my last PKM article with an excellent reference document. Several years ago, Jerome wrote a chapter on Personal Knowledge Management (PDF) for the book, Managing Knowledge: Case Studies in Innovation. Even though it’s seven years old, I would recommend this 10-page chapter as an introduction to PKM. I don’t think that… Read more »

TED Talk Videos

Many of the presentations from TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talk are available on YouTube. I’ve watched a number of these recently and some of them are absolutely fantastic. These 53 videos are online and free and make for great informal learning and discussion. We have been watching some of them as a family with favourites… Read more »

Calgary eLearning Network – PKM

I will be presenting a 90 minute online session to the Calgary eLearning Network on April 18th. The theme will be Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). Barb Krell, an alumna of one of our informal learning unworkshops, is the chief organiser of this session. I thought it would be best to put my session info online… Read more »

The future of learning is DIY

If someone asks me what’s the best learning management system, my initial response is – Google. Donald Clark describes the top five global brands (Google, Apple, YouTube, Wikipedia, Starbucks) from the perspective of learning, with this comment: Could it be that powerful, everyday “e-learning” has crept up on the world, separate from all the academic… Read more »

Internet Time Uncommunity

Jay Cross has been hard at work remodelling the Informal Learning Commons into an Uncommunity. Take a look around and since it’s a wiki, add your two cents worth. I must say that I find the new structure much more accessible.

Growing, changing, learning, creating

The conversation around informal learning has been heating up a bit lately, with Stephen Downes’ critique of Jay Cross’ mixer analogy, as well as Bill Brantley’s attack on the entire book. Personally, I’ve really appreciated the insight that Tom Haskins has brought to the conversation. Tom picked up on my connecting informal learning with critical… Read more »

Free Range Learning

Jay has used the term free range learning for a while in reference to informal learning and Tom Haskins has picked up on the free range chicken metaphor. Perhaps we need a cool logo to show that we support free range learning. I grabbed this Public Domain graphic from Open Clip Art, but I’m sure… Read more »


Seth Godin calls it sheepwalking. I remember a non-job I had at defence headquarters, where I had to go to work but there was nothing to do most days. I could go on leave but I would use all of my allotted days and then I would still have to ‘go to work’ for the… Read more »