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This is a follow-up from the Networked Learning (PKM) workshop I conducted for the iSchool Institute yesterday. Here are some of the resources I suggested prior to the course:

Network Learning: Working Smarter, an article I wrote for the Special Libraries Association last year.

Sense-making (shows types of sense-making activities)

Talking about PKM (from the professional KM community)

PKM in a Nutshell (includes many links for further exploration)

Critical thinking in the organization (looking at how PKM fits into the workplace)

PKM categorized posts on this blog & my social bookmarks tagged PKM.

All the slides are now posted on my Slideshare account and can be downloaded. It was interesting that few people had heard about The Cluetrain Manifesto (1999) when I mentioned that Hyperlinks Subvert Hierarchy (#7).

I opened with a recent short video by Teemu Arina entitled Global, Local, Personal (2011)

We discussed Twitter for professional development and I suggested two weekly chats that might be of interest: #lrnchat & #KMers

Jane Hart hosts two communities, Social Learning (on Yammer) as well as Share and Learn (using the open source WPMU platform). More information and how to join these communities at C4LPT.

In the Share & Learn community, Jane is also hosting a thirty days to use social media to work and learn smarter program starting this Monday, 30 May. Join now.

I also showed a TED Talk by Eli Pariser called Beware of Online Filter Bubbles. This was a great introduction to information/source filters and I based part of the discussion on Tim Kastelle’s excellent post on Five Forms of Filtering.

I talked about my blog as home base for PKM and showed several other PKM processes.

One of the participants even set up a Yammer community on the spot and created a Twitter account. The Twitterers in the crowd included: @brentmack – @marcopolis – @elearningguy – @ruralibrarian

Discussions on what tools people use continued through our lunch and breaks. Evernote, a cross-platform tool to “remember everything” is quite popular.

As Marco Campana commented “If any of these tools don’t make your life easier, don’t use them.” – @hjarche Yup. #netlearn

If I’ve missed something or anybody has more questions or needs help, please contact me here, on Twitter, via email, Skype or send the Pony Express to Sackville (New Brunswick, not Nova Scotia).

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