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Confusing Means and Ends

Ends are what you are trying to achieve while means are how you get there. Sometimes these get confused. For example, these are means: Process Improvement Education & Training Compensation Technology Quality So anyone pushing training (including e-learning) is selling a means to an end. First, you have to know what ends you’re trying to… Read more »

Adding performance support to the trainer’s toolbox

The way that people work in any organisation is influenced by several factors. When I conduct a performance analysis I look at factors such as expectations, capacity, incentives, feedback, tools and skills. If you put a group of people in a room and ask them to describe a performance problem at work and then to… Read more »

DIF Analysis

Previously, I had mentioned DIF (difficulty, importance, frequency) Analysis as a tool that I used in the military to determine if job tasks required training. I finally got around to creating the expanded model in a digital format, so here it is. In making these tools available online some people ask if I’m giving away… Read more »

Job Aids & Performance Support

I’m currently working on a project that requires me to get back to some performance and training analysis. Of course, my initial outlook is that training can often be a problem looking for a solution. I had to review the basics and decided to read Rossett & Schaffer’s, Job Aids & Performance Support. This is… Read more »

What do you want people to do?

I’ve been looking at some training documentation and it seems that when we get into complicated (not complex) cases of lots of stuff to examine, we miss the forest for the trees. Dave sums it all up quite nicely: Even if the client’s model of training involves only lectures and PowerPoint, “What do you want… Read more »

Performance Analysis

In my continuing series of adding more stuff to my Toolbox, here’s another way of looking at the performance analysis process: Often, analysis work starts with a big blob of information and unrelated facts plus a few pressing issues tossed in for a sense of urgency. The actual work consists mostly of clumping and dividing,… Read more »

My Performance Toolbox

I’ve just created a new page that will list the practical job aids for workplace performance that I’ve developed. With over a thousand posts on this blog, they were getting lost in the crowd. You can now find all of them listed in my Performance Toolbox. I’ve put a permanent link in the Consulting section…. Read more »

Workplace Performance Analysis Job Aid

In much of my work I’m asked to help out with situations that appear to be rather complex. For instance, we had a situation that required skills development for hundreds of staff preparing to implement a new nursing care methodology, all to be done in a very short time. An initial analysis, conducted in one… Read more »

Process improvement is bad for innovation

I’ve had this feeling for a while and now there is evidence that process improvement, like Six Sigma, stifles innovation. Oligopoly Watch feels that, “The management moves that cheer stockholders and financial analysts, when taken too far, can lead to the long-term decline of the company in question.” Their article today reports that Six Sigma… Read more »

The all too real effects of artificial structures

Stephen Downes says that teams are a fiction that purport to represent everyone when in fact they reflect only a select subset of opinions [such as the team leader?]. Liong Huai Yu, highlights this quote in his review of Dave Weinberger’s Everything is Miscellaneous – “The world is too diverse for any single classification system… Read more »