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From training to learning

I came across the article From Training to Learning by Brigitte Jordan via two sources yesterday. It was written c. 1997 based on ” … a common discourse, carried on for the last several years at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox PARC) and the Institute for Research on Learning (IRL).” “In a fundamental… Read more »

Building common ground

The focus of this blog is on learning and working on the web and how work and learning are becoming one in a digitally interconnected world. I believe there is a critical need for new organizational frameworks, such as wirearchy, and a shift from learning as training & schooling to a more agile approach. Evidence… Read more »

Teaching and Controlling

Some of the interesting things I found on Twitter this past week. How we teach: “Any teacher who can be replaced by a computer …. should be!” — Arthur C. Clarke. via @charlesjennings @moehlert: “My son, the not-so-excited about math, won’t quit playing” Video: “Most schooling is training for stupidity & conformity” ~ Noam… Read more »

The Social Network Business Plan – Review

The Social Network Business Plan: 18 strategies that will create great Wealth by David Silver The central premise of this book is how to build “recommender networks“. “The next great wave of online communities will focus on specific interests such as health, travel, improvement of government services, wealth, beauty, neighbourhood watches, hobbies, protecting one’s estate,… Read more »

PKM in 2010

Personal Knowledge Management Updated 5 Feb 2010: changed “Filter” to “Understand” [This post is a continuation of Sense-making with PKM (March, 2009)] Personal = according to one’s abilities, interests and motivation (not directed by external forces) Knowledge = the capacity for effective action (know how) Management = how to get things done What is PKM?… Read more »

Net Work Learning article

The New Security Learning  Foundation held its conference just prior to Online Educa last year in Berlin. I wrote an article, called Net Work Learning, for the journal that is distributed to members and conference attendees. Parts of it have appeared on this site but here is the complete unabridged version as a PDF: Net… Read more »

A linchpin culture

Here is Seth Godin being interviewed by Hugh Macleod: In a sta­ble envi­ron­ment, we worship the effi­cient fac­tory. Henry Ford or even David Gef­fen… feed the machine, keep it run­ning smoothly, pay as little as you can, make as much as you can. In our post-industrial world, though, fac­tory worship is a non star­ter. Cheap… Read more »

PKM: aggregate, filter, connect

Knowledge Squared equals Power Squared, says Craig Thomler: However the knowledge hoarding model begins to fail when it becomes cheap and easy to share and when the knowledge required to complete a task exceeds an individual’s capability to learn in the time available. This has been reflected in a longitudinal study of knowledge workers that… Read more »

Learning socially and being social

Some of the interesting things I found on Twitter this past week. Diffusion By Learning. Innovation by Social Learning. via @charlesjennings 3. Social learning. People adopt once they see enough empirical evidence to convince them that the innovation is worth adopting, where the evidence is generated by the outcomes among prior adopters. Individuals may adopt… Read more »