This is my work

The ability to learn is the only lasting competitive advantage for any organization. Hyper-connected work environments require people with better sense-making, collaboration, and cooperation skills. Social learning plays a significant role in this. Democratic workplaces that foster trust can share knowledge better and faster. To this end, I am a keen subversive of many of the last century’s management and education practices.

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Collaborative Work

Social Learning

Connected Leadership

Personal Knowledge Management

Adapting to perpetual Beta

Enterprise Social Tools

Communities of Practice

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  1. Leo Salazar

    Wow, how wonderfully clear! Do you mind if I borrow this?

    I’ve struggled for quite awhile in communicating, especially to lay people, what I do. I’ve compromised on saying “trainer” because that’s what people most understand, but it’s not at all accurate. This is a great, and complete, overview.



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