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Yes, I have called software vendors snake oil sellers. Last year I wrote, “Now social learning is being picked up by software vendors and marketers as the next solution-in-a-box, when it’s more of an approach and a cultural mind-set.” In 2005, social learning online was a fringe activity that we had to test using open source… Read more »

Learning and working effectively

An effective networked workplace can be viewed as a three-sided framework, with a leadership/management strategy (radical & wirearchical) that supports collaborative work enabled by social learning. All three are necessary. If there is any degree of complexity in the work, collaboration needs to be supported by a flexible management framework that encourages social learning. This… Read more »

Networked Knowledge: out of the ivory tower

Many of the important issues that face our society are complex and require a good knowledge of science. Yesterday, I explained some of what I’ve been trying to learn about nuclear fission and power generation. Understanding how people learn and how we can integrate learning into work is a prime professional interest of mine. More… Read more »

Fuelled by Informal learning

Caveat: It seems I have to put a warning sign on this post. I am not a nuclear physicist and the opinions on this post are personal and are not professional, scientific advice on radiation or its effects. I’ve had a crash course in nuclear physics this week. I took basic Physics in university, but… Read more »

Finding the time for networked learning

A survey of small and medium sized businesses (SMB) showed workers spend about half their day on unproductive tasks: Knowledge Workers are among the largest staff component in a typical SMB SMB Knowledge Workers spend an estimated 36 percent of their time trying to Contact customers, partners or colleagues Find information Schedule a meeting Approximately… Read more »

Learning Assessment

For March the LCBQ is: How do you assess whether your informal learning, social learning, continuous learning, performance support initiatives have the desired impact or achieve the desired results? Jay Cross responds: You need to wait a while before taking the assessment. Smile-sheets and test scores prove nothing because they are administered before the forgetting… Read more »

Seven years and still independent

I’ve been putting my thoughts on this blog for seven years now. When I started (19 Feb 2004), the term blog was not exactly mainstream and one media “guru” said blogs were on their way out. Today, my blog is still the main part of my “outboard brain” and I can’t see how I could… Read more »

Training Evaluation: a mug’s game

“Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.” —Peter Drucker Dan Pontefract is quite clear in Dear Kirkpatrick’s: You still don’t get it: Let me be clear – training is not an event; learning is a connected, collaborative and continuous process. It can and does occur in formal, informal and social ways… Read more »