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Third Industrial Revolution – Review

The future should be networked, writes Jeremy Rifkin in The Third Industrial Revolution. He sees the next industrial age, one bridging industrialism to continental collaboration as the most feasible post-carbon future. This era of networked energy will be based on 5 pillars, all essential for a successful transition: shift to renewable energy shift buildings to… Read more »

Why do we need social business?

The Dachis Group’s latest XPLANATiON of the attributes of a socially optimized business is a pretty good answer to the question, “What is social business?” Looking just at the key differences in the info-graphic, I’d like to dig into “Why” these differences are necessary: Greater acceptance of risks & failures: This is how complex problems… Read more »

Is leadership an emergent property?

Note: this post is in early Beta. Is leadership an emergent property of people working together (social capital) or is it something delivered, in a top-down fashion by an individual? I was asked about this recently, and immediately thought about the Apache nation that had only situational leaders, Nantans, who were in charge as long… Read more »

Spreading social capitalism

I had the pleasure of meeting Dan Robles at Innotribe and his recent post on It is Time to Evolve, got me thinking and making some connections. Dan starts with the big picture: How the world really works The Internet and social media have shifted the factors of production away from land, labor, and capital… Read more »

Leadership in Complexity

In organizing for diversity and complexity, I discussed structural changes that are needed in our institutions. Kevin Wheeler has a great slide presentation on leadership in complexity that looks at what is required in such a diverse and complex work world. In the future of leadership development, Kevin describes some new core leadership skill sets… Read more »

New Hire Emergent Practices

In May I asked what interesting new hire practices have emerged in the workplace and later re-posted the question to Google+. I also collected a number of bookmarks on onboarding, as some companies call it. There are many good practices, such as: Dedicated coaches Formal introductions to people in the work network, especially those at a… Read more »

Cooperation and networks at Innotribe

Stowe Boyd & I are opening the presentation on corporate culture this morning, here in Toronto at Sibos. We will be looking at how organizational frameworks and models have changed. Stowe will talk about the architecture of cooperation: The new architecture of work is now emerging, after decades of transition. White collar work became knowledge… Read more »

Social networks drive Innovation

I’m always looking for simple ways to explain how networks change business and how social media help to increase openness, driving transparency and increasing innovation. Does this graphic stand on its own, or is there more explanation required? Updated: With significant feedback via Google+, here is the next, but not last, version. Version 3 (thanks… Read more »

Adapting to a networked world

Simon Bostock referred me to this speech that Ben Hammersly gave to the UK’s Information Assurance Advisory Council. The main theme is how the ruling generation (Baby Boomers) are failing to understand how the Internet has changed EVERYTHING. You’re all the same age, and upbringing, as the people that the digital generations are so upset… Read more »