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I seek, I sense, we share

I’m working on a few presentations and have been updating some graphics, one of which I used in my last post. Anne Marie McEwan told me she really liked the image and instead of waiting until I give the presentations next month, I’ve put up a segment of the slides on Slideshare [no longer available]… Read more »

Critical thinking in the organization

Even the mainstream training field is realizing that reduced layers of bureaucracy mean decision-making gets pushed down the organization chart. This is the message of the AMA in the promotional video – Critical Thinking: Not just a C-suite skill.  However, wirearchy takes this one important step further by advocating a two-way flow of power and… Read more »

Elgg: it’s a community effort

This weekend I noticed a tweet from Alec Couros about some issues with the Ning social networking platform. That post is over a year old but from the comments as late as last fall, there seem to be ongoing issues on how Ning treats its customers, users and their data. This brought me to reflect,… Read more »


What is literacy? We may think we know. Some people even say we need 21st century literacies. But Marshall McLuhan said that, “We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into the future.” Is this how we view literacy, though the rear-view mirror? Chris Hedges, in America the Illiterate wrote that… Read more »

Organizing for an uncertain future

Some interesting things I found on Twitter this past week, on the themes of organizing and uncertainty: via @SebPaquet – Neat infographic: Major Shifts in History: The Emergence of Techno-Economic Paradigms by the fantastic @robpatrob Organisational Effectiveness via @sig [is this what your HR department is focused on?] It’s all about organisational effectiveness. How fast,… Read more »

Social Media Workshop Notes

As promised, here are the follow-up notes & links from yesterday’s social media workshops in Miramichi. Personal Knowledge Management All of my posts tagged PKM PKM social bookmarks Slide/Audio overview of PKM Presentation slides (this is one large file of slides from both presentations) Related posts: Role of an online community manager Books for small… Read more »

Ada Lovelace Day

Today is Ada Lovelace Day: Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace was born on 10th December 1815, the only child of Lord Byron and his wife, Annabella. Born Augusta Ada Byron, but now known simply as Ada Lovelace, she wrote the world’s first computer programmes for the Analytical Engine, a general-purpose machine that Charles Babbage… Read more »

Knowledge artisans choose their tools

How can you be a knowledge worker if you’re not allowed to pick your own tools? In the unattained summit of social business, Ton Zylstra writes: So we talked about how corporate systems might integrate social media tools into sharepoint and ERP-software, but not about the notion that it is quickly becoming ridiculous that IT… Read more »

PKM in a nutshell

Personal Knowledge Management: A way to deal with ever-increasing digital information. Requires an open attitude to learning and finding new things (I Seek). Develops processes of filing, classifying and annotating for later retrieval. Uses open systems that enable sharing. Aids in observing, thinking and using information & knowledge (I Sense). Helps to share ideas with… Read more »

Control design, not people

Interesting things I learned on twitter this past week: American Bar Association article on Personal Knowledge Management. by @KMHobbi Lawyers are knowledge workers who must cope with an ever-increasing volume of information flowing within and outside of their workplaces. In this ever-more connected world, sifting through irrelevancies to find what you need can take a… Read more »