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The post-job economy

Learning may be the work in the network age, but that does not mean that learning will get you the work. Inge De Waard discusses this in MOOCs change education, but jobs decline in a knowledge era: The simple truth is that not all of us get jobs even when graduating from universities, and if MOOCs… Read more »

Scaffolding and capability building

Jane Hart’s recent post on changing the role of L&D (learning & development) explains how training departments need to move beyond packaging content and toward scaffolding and capability building. What I like about this matrix is that it makes it easier to describe my professional services in the organizational learning area. I have highlighted my… Read more »

Work environment design for learning

Catherine Lombardozzi writes, in Time for an Evolution: To those of you who feel like you just stepped into the middle of a conversation, a learning environment (to my mind) is a collect of resources and activities for learning. The resources may be inanimate or human; the activities may be formal or informal. A well designed learning… Read more »

EEA Learning Day

I will travelling and speaking for most of this week but will share what I have learned when I get back. This will be my first time addressing the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen and I look forward to meeting many new people. Here is what I will be talking about: Keynote: Working Smarter in… Read more »

What is learning’s role?

My colleague, Clark Quinn, in Building a Performance Ecosystem states that the benefits of maximum information for people to get work done, combined with minimum barriers to achieve their work goals, are good for the entire organization. “When they [workers] can get the resources they need and the right people to assist when necessary, the performance… Read more »

A quick case for social technologies

I have been reviewing a number of resources I have collected on social media, social learning and return on investment. The bottom line seems very clear to me. Social technologies remove artificial organizational boundaries and let knowledge be shared more easily. I create slide presentations so that I have something ready in case I need… Read more »

Subverting management and education, one project at a time

I have been described as “a keen subversive of the last century’s management and education models”, a description I like. It’s a difficult business model though. That’s why I joined with my colleagues at the Internet Time Alliance in 2009. I finally had a close professional group to discuss nascent ideas. Our latest work is on… Read more »

Learning by doing

What does life in perpetual Beta mean for your business on the internet? First of all, there is no real privacy online [Cluetrain Thesis #13 – There are no secrets. The networked market knows more than companies do about their own products. And whether the news is good or bad, they tell everyone.] But … social… Read more »

Let the droids do the boring stuff

Is simpler work getting automated and outsourced? I think so. That leaves complex and creative work that continue to be in demand, and even increase. Work that has a high degree of task standardization is getting replaced by machines, and this trend will only accelerate. Andrew McAfee discusses technology’s impact on the labour force in a… Read more »