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Work environment design for learning

Catherine Lombardozzi writes, in Time for an Evolution: To those of you who feel like you just stepped into the middle of a conversation, a learning environment (to my mind) is a collect of resources and activities for learning. The resources may be inanimate or human; the activities may be formal or informal. A well designed learning… Read more »

Ask not for whom the Reaper comes

My colleagues and I often get cast as informal learning zealots in pieces written to placate the training industry and maintain the status quo, especially the lucrative compliance training market. Actually, given the tone of some articles and presentations, I am certain many people think of us in even less friendly terms. So…now you get… Read more »

Understanding behaviour

In his book Drive, Dan Pink looked at rewards, consequences and motivation at work and showed that much of what we have taken for granted is just not supported by the research. Extrinsic rewards only work for simple physical tasks and increased monetary rewards can actually be detrimental to performance, especially with knowledge work. The… Read more »

from training to performance to social

This past year I conducted an online workshop called “from training, to performance to social“. In November I will be running one on moving from training to performance support, and this will be followed by a workshop on social learning for business. I have tried to put together the main themes in a slide presentation that… Read more »

Validation and feedback

Here is a new approach to evaluation, by Nick Shackleton-Jones: After the event, however, the system automatically prompts the chosen peer group to reassess those same behaviours at intervals of say one, three and six months. At the end of this period a ‘change score’ is calculated: an average value representing the amount of observed… Read more »

The collaboration field needs to cooperate

Eugene Kim looks at a variety of disciplines in the collaboration space, using LinkedIn network analysis to see if and how they are related. The resulting map, and Kim’s explanations are most interesting for anyone doing work related to enterprise collaboration. According to Kim: The densest cluster is the organizational development cluster, which is left… Read more »

Training, Performance, Social Workshop Notes

We launched a new online workshop today called, From Training, to Performance, to Social. It’s a Beta version, at a reduced price, but we have had a good number of participants sign up. I came up with the idea while conducting one of the PKM workshops and noticed that many people either mixed up training with performance… Read more »

Social business drives workforce development

In a workscape perspective I described how new frameworks help management, HR and L&D professionals get away from the trees to see the forest of workforce development. Earlier, in Bridging the Gap; Working Smarter, I explained how loose external networks are necessary to have access to diverse opinions, while work teams need to share complex knowledge… Read more »

Connect, exchange, contribute

Highlights from Skills for Learning & Development Professionals (an article I wrote for T&D Magazine in 2008). My experiences over the past three years have shown that these skills are still necessary in the workplace. Attitude: Accepting that we will never know everything, but that others may be able to help, is the first step… Read more »